'High School DxD Season 4' News & Update: Issei Faces Harem from Future [VIDEO]

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The use of the harem theme in the anime "High School DxD" has made it a hit, through its main character Issei Hyoudou. There is no formal announcement yet regarding the series' premiere, and there is also no formal announcement about the release.

Even despite the silence about the series, this doesn't mean that the anime version is over. Fans have found numerous reasons why the series will still return. The series' popularity has made it last for three seasons. "High School DxD" is a story that is derived from the light novel Ichiei Ishibumi. The anime has a harem theme, but it requires its main character to face with supernatural elements that are in conflict with each other. Issei is a member of a demon group, and is tasked to protect girls, as posted by Asian Starz.

The storyline for the next season made fans excited due to its distinct storyline that is still based on the light novel. If the upcoming season's storyline will still be based on the original source, then it will have Issei face a different type of harem. These harems are not ordinary girls, since they are his future children.

There is a forum post in My Anime List gave a thorough information regarding the children of Issei, and why they came back from the future. According to the post, Issei's children want to prevent a pandemonium that was made by Loki. Issei helped his children so that everything will go back to normal, and eventually preventing what could harm the future, according to Wait With.

Although the confirmation for the release of the next season is not yet announced, fans are still patiently waiting for the official announcement for the anime series' premiere. Fans are excited to see Issei dealing with a different batch of harem that came from the future.


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