Benedict Cumberbatch plays second Marvel character in ‘Doctor Strange’ [VIDEO]


A secondary villain will be featured in "Doctor Strange," and it has the name Dread Dormammu that was called by Mikkelsaen's Kaecilius. This villain has a remarkable role in the finale part of the film; however no actor who played the character was identified in the film's end credits.

Scott Derrickson, who also partially played the role of the villain Dormammu, was interviewed and he confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch was also part in bringing the iconic Marvel villain Dormammu to reality. Derrickson said that a British actor's voce was used for the character, and Benedict made the facial capture for Dormammu, according to IGN.

No actor was given the role of Marvel's grand villain Thanos upon its debut, right after the end of The Avengers. Two year had passed, the Guardians of the Galaxy was produced then it casted Josh Brolin to play the role as mad titan. Derrickson was asked if this was a method of deferring the casting for the role, but he said it was not so. He said that they knew beforehand that it was an all CG character. However during the production, Benedict pushed with the idea.

Derrickson claimed that what they had was an interesting idea, since he had creatively pictured out how he would approach playing the character. As he plays this character, he could not imagine it to be bound into the Dark Dimension. He said that this character takes on a person's form for the purpose of communicating with Strange, as posted in the Screen Rant.

He also said that no one understood the character Dormammu better than how Benedict saw it. He also intend for the role to have an ultra-inflated version of Strange. He said that an interesting confrontation with this little, tiny guy and this monstrous conqueror can be expected. Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing both the hero and the villain in Marvel's Doctor Strange.


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