‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Negan Leads Gruesome Murders [VIDEO]


Fans were taken into a shocking viewing experience, as the "The Walking Dead's" Negan led the attacks in the Season 7 episodes. The gang suffered a brutal and gruesome death upon the coming of Negan. Aside from these extreme deaths, the gang also experienced heartless treatment from him. Rick surrenders to Negan, as these scenes caused emotional blows on the fans' unprepared minds.

So, who are Negan's unlucky victims for this episode? Before the season's premiere, teasers showed how brutal, horrifying, and frustrating the next season will be. There are two characters whose lives unluckily ended this time, and they are Abraham and Glenn who were brutally murdered just so Negan can prove his own point.

Fans were expecting that the other members of the gang were still safe, yet Glenn was crashed in the head with a barbed wire bat by Negan. What came in next was a scene showing how Glenn's eyes popped out of his head after what Negan did. Abraham was also smashed in the head using the same bat according to The Sun UK.

It is now up to the hands of Negan if he will spare mercy on the gang. Rick was incapable of mending the situation after Glenn's murder, according to Pop Sugar. Fans, on the other hand, were quite disturbed about the violence that was shown in the series. It went extremely too much that they have aired-out how it made them feel broken, while others say they nearly vomited out of the disgusting scenes that they saw.

Another disturbing sight was when Negan forcefully made Roct to cut out the arm of his son Carl. Rick was seen to have stated a firm promise to kill Negan, then he was dragged by an axe eventually taking over Negan. "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiered last Oct. 23 on AMC.


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