Career 101: Psychological Tricks To Help You Do Well On That Job Interview


Job interviews may seem very intimidating especially for fresh graduates. There are plenty of horror stories about taboos that candidates have said and done during the initial phase of application.

According to Business Insider, interviewers may seem "larger than life" but they are still susceptible to the same cognitive biases that affect everyone. Positive results can be gleaned from just changing the way you present yourself to others.

It was previously reported that body language can have a lot of impact on how others see you. Dressing up in clothes that are comfortable and flattering can help you feel confident and professional.

Business Insider shared 19 tricks that young professionals can do. These can help them ace their job interviews.

1. Ask for an interview schedule that's not hectic. The publication advised that 10:30 a.m. on a Tuesday is the most ideal time.

2. If you have an idea of when your fellow candidate's interview schedules are, ask for a schedule that does not put you with the strongest candidates. It is believed that recruiters gave applicants who were interviewed at the end of a day after strong candidates a lower rating than what was expected.

3. Dress to impress. The color of your outfit has a specific impression on the recruiter. Blue suggests that the candidate is a team player while black suggests leadership potential. Wearing white will show you to be an organized person while gray suggests a logical/analytical personality.

4. Take into consideration the interviewer's age. Candidates being interviewed by Gen Y interviewers should bring visual samples of their work while those being interviewed by Gen X interviewers should emphasize their creativity and note how work/life balance contributed to one's success.

5. Establishing a connection with your interviewer is also helpful. Find something in common with the recruiter since people like others who share similar values and attitudes with them.

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