Career 101: Red Flags You Should Consider During An Interview


One of the biggest problems that millennials face in the workplace today is that they are stuck doing "shallow" work. The younger generation of workers wants their jobs to be about more than themselves. They want to have meaning and purpose as they carry their everyday lives.

75 percent of millennials believe that businesses are too focused on their own agendas instead of focusing on improving society. Only 28 percent believe that the organization they're currently working for is making full use of their skills.

This is why millennials should also make sure that they choose the right job for them. That does not mean that they should be too picky, though, it only means that they should be sure that the work they agree on will be helping them with their career goals.

Inc. shared some red flags that young professionals should watch out for during interviews. These are usually found in startups but it does not mean that millennials should close their doors on small companies.

Midnight emails

Check the time when emails are sent to you as well as the schedule for interview. These are indicators of how the company manages their time.

Immediate email responses

There is a problem if a company immediately responds to your emails since it would mean that it has an always-in-email culture.

Negative social media presence

If people are talking bad about the company on Twitter, LinkedIn or Glassdoor, pay attention and check your findings.

Lots of freebies

It's rare for practical startups to be so lavish. Just make sure that you do your research about the company's stability.

Unclear stock option promises

Stock options should be described in terms of the number of shares without the context of how many outstanding shares there are and how those compare to percent equity stake.

Short average employee tenure

There may be a problem if people leave after a brief period of time.

Employees have no hobbies

This could be an indicator that there is no work-life balance in the company.

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