Career 101: These Powerful Body Language Tips Can Help You Be Confident At Work

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Fresh graduates should be confident in what they can offer to their workplace. Young professionals have a lot of things to contribute to their jobs and should be proud to share them.

While millennials have been negatively described as entitled, spoiled and lazy, it is highly likely that they are just misunderstood. Young professionals these days want their work to be more than just about themselves. They want to give back to society through their jobs.

Inc. shared these body language tips that will help millennials in the workforce exude confidence. First, you should take the time to look your best. Wear clothes that are comfortable, flattering and appropriate. Your grooming can also help you feel confident and professional.

Practice your posture. Standing up or sitting straight makes you look confident. It also makes you look powerful. Don't hunch your shoulders. Also, when sitting down, own the space you have. Sit all the way in your chair, not on the edge.

Moreover, when standing up, don't fidget. Train yourself to be quietly still instead of fidgeting or squirming.

Learn to take big steps, metaphorically and literally. Make firm strides.

When talking with someone, it is a general rule to look them in the eyes. This will make them understand that you're listening and are acknowledging them. Looking around will only make you seem nervous or indifferent. Use open gestures as well. Your gestures can emphasize or enhance your message.

Making a steeple with your fingers is also believed to be a gesture of great confidence and authority. Just be sure, though, that you only do this when making an important and thoughtful point.

One sign of nervousness is to keep one's hands in one's pockets or behind our backs. This can be seen as dishonesty as well. Keep them visible.

Experts have also emphasized on the importance of handshakes. You should practice your handshake and make sure that it's not too limp or too forceful.

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