Career 101: Recruiters Judge Candidates Based On Social Media Photos


Recruiters are using social media to check out a candidate. Fresh graduates need to be aware of this and clean up their profiles before applying for a job.

USA Today College reported that a complete LinkedIn profile, a typo-free resume and a tailored cover letter are the factors that candidates need to fulfill in order for the company to see you as a good fit. Another thing that recruiters are checking is an applicant's social media profile.

Fresh graduates should ensure that the photos and other content in their social media accounts make a good impression. More and more hiring managers are checking candidates' Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles.

According to a study by Jobvite, 41 percent of recruiters say that seeing a picture of a candidate before meeting them personally actually already influences their first impression. Fresh graduates should try to keep pictures of them in party mode at a minimum. While your settings may be set to private, others can still see thumbnails of your photos on social media.

Fortunately, hiring managers have grown more tolerant about social media selfies. Only 18 percent view them in a negative light. This is a significant decrease from last year's 25 percent.

Of course, once you have cleaned up your social media profiles, make sure that you also give a good first impression during your initial in-person meeting. 62 percent of recruiters are put off by an interviewee who is dressed too casually.

Other physical factors that can affect a hiring managers perception of you are messy or greasy hair, too much makeup as well as facial stubble. Remember to take the time to prepare for the interview by dressing up and getting yourself together.

These powerful body language tips can also help you during the interview. Keep your posture in mind as well as to train yourself to be quietly still instead of fidgeting or squirming, which can be a sign of nervousness.

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