The One Question That Can Motivate Millennials


A lot of employers have complained that they are finding it difficult to encourage and motivate millennial workers to excel in the office. There are some who say that this generation seems "impossible to motivate."

It was reported that young professionals these days want their work to be more than just about themselves. They want to give back to society through their jobs.

75 percent of millennials believe that businesses are too focused on their own agendas instead of focusing on improving society. Only 28 percent believe that the organization they're currently working for is making full use of their skills.

Apparently, one of the biggest problems that millennials is facing in the workplace today is that they are stuck doing "shallow" work. It was noted that there is "a barrage of constant electronic distraction" which causes an inability to dive deeper into our work.

According to Inc., bosses can motivate their millennial employees by asking them this question: "What is your dream?" Employers just need to ask that simple question and actually listen to their response.

It may seem simple yet millennials may just need someone to talk to about their passion and aspirations in life. As their boss and mentor, you need to listen to them as they talk about how they want to travel the world or as they open up about how their love for music or painting.

Listen to them and, afterwards, the both of you can talk about how you can help them achieve that dream. Treating millennials as friends instead of employees is vital.

The publication noted that bosses should stop acting like a task master and instead lead millennials in the same way that they want to be led. Acknowledge their dreams and help them see the bigger life lessons as well.

Be a mentor. Continue reminding them of their dream so that they don't lose sight of their goals and help them make the steps toward it.

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