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John Legend Says To NAACP To Not Blame Public School Choices


Singer John Legend has a thing or two to say about the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's decision when it comes to public schools.

He has written a response on the plan to use charter public schools. He claims that charter public schools are not the answer to the challenges of public education. He starts off his essay by saying that discrimination is still happening today. There is a prominent gap between African American and Caucasian students when it comes to achievement points. He points to the fact that the education system fails to provide a path for every student.

John Legend describes the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's as one of the oldest voices when it comes to civil rights in the country. But he confesses that he got upset by the NAACP's decision to put a particular education program on hold, cites Essence.

According to Legend, Charters are closing the success gap between low income and disadvantaged Black students compared to their white peers. He stresses that the zip code should not define what kind of education a student can get in America.

Legend understands that Charter schools have a higher rate of colored and diverse students (Black and Latin) compared to the traditional public school set up. But he insists that there should be no discrimination when it comes to zoning laws and school funds.

He states in his passionate letter that segregation is not only unique to charters. But it should not be a burden to the parents who are trying to choose the best public school for their kids.

John Legend ends his essay saying that good schools with good models, and not a moratorium on charters are the only ways to ensure that kids are on the right way to a successful future.

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