Career Advice For College Students: When Should You Stay Or Leave A Job?


After graduation, fresh graduates are looking for a job that they can stay long with. And when it comes to staying, that often comes with a good pay, a great career development and a track to success. However, not all young professionals and jobs can check those boxes.

Which is why some people ask, when should you leave your job? You may be afraid of being labeled as unsettling. After all, you are just new to the professional world and now you are thinking of hopping to another job.

But if you have the right reasons for leaving, NY Times cites that it is okay to do so. It is just a matter of when.

Everyone has their reasons, it may be the opportunity for a better pay, the prospect of challenging work, learning new skills or even work-life balance. Focus on what is important to you. According to experts, it is important to understand why you want to leave. Make sure you are not feeling restless. Once you figure out your reason, then you will be more confident in leaving. Especially if you have identified issues that is a reason for future employers to accept.

Today, having multiple jobs in a short span is not a blip on your resume. Your growth in each one is much more important.

You may be asking yourself, when should you stay instead. Experts say that your boss driving you nuts is not a reason. In addition, the problem can be fixed without quitting. And if you saw one boss, chances are, you will find more of them in your next jobs. You can find ways to work on the relationship or work around it, like involving human resources or finding other mentors.

It may be worth staying in a job that lacks long-term prospects if you're learning a lot and positioning yourself well for other jobs.

If you have other reasons for quitting, check out this video for more resource information:

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