Business Graduate Advice: Secrets From Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs


Are you a graduate of Marketing, Management or a similar Business Course?

A recent event sharing the "Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs" showcased women who have worked their way from the bottom to the top. And before you hit the world of business, find out how these women were able to take their success to a whole new level.

The event was hosted by Hillary Gadsby. She is a Sales, Marketing and Event Management expert. She features business women Tina Aldatz and Margie Floris of Savvy Travelers - a designer beauty wipes company, and of Foot Petals.

They have some secrets to share about their experiences, cites Equities.

She was a young woman looking to succeed. And when it comes to start ups and potential investors, the question she asks to her audience is "What is in it for them?"

Her drive pushed her to make a plan. Focus on the three M's:

  • Money - How much is needed? When is it needed? When is the return?
  • Marketing - Who is your audience? How do you reach them?
  • Management - Put the right people in the right positions.

For Floris, she wanted to balance motherhood with business leadership. It was tough being a mom, a wife and a business woman at the same time. But she proved she can be a badass. It starts with making time for her kids during breakfast. And then her work starts. Her advice on how to make a business plan that can attract investors? According to Floris, there is a bigger chance of raising cash with no profit or no business compared to if you do today.

She goes on to say that a business plan today is all about market studies, competition, demographic and how you prove it.

Despite the challenges Floris and Aldatz have faced throughout their careers, they somehow make it look easy. Aldatz answer? Before the program started, they had some wine.

Want some more secrets? Check out the video below:

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