Athletes Do Not Need Harsh Comments To Get Amped: University Of California Campus Reform Imposed! [VIDEO]


Through a newly approved campus reform called "You Can Play" in the University of California in Chico, athletes are no longer allowed to use the phrases "man up" or "run like a girl" to a teammate. Taking heed of offensive overtones suggested by the casual phrases, the "You Can Play" campus reform program acts as police, imposing rules and reporting violations committed by athletes to the authorities.

The Cal State Chico stresses out the power of words and how these can significantly hurt or affect feelings. The sports, which often falls as main magnate for verbal bullying gets the first treatment from academics and faculty members who developed the reform.

"The whole purpose of this campaign is to open people's eyes and let them see what these words mean and how hurtful they can be. We want everyone to feel included, and we want our language to reflect that", Haley Kroll, co-president of the university's student athletic advisory committee said in Fox News.

Kroll got the initiative after being inspired by a Facebook campaign entitled "You Don't Say" started by two student groups at Duke University. This was a very important discovery for Kroll as the campaign is primarily focused on the language's potential to hurt, marginalize and down-right bully people.

With the full idea at hand, Kroll referred to Chico State Associate Director of Athletics, Mitch Cox. Immediately, Cox found the campaign very essential and apt for the athletics environment. And so, both ended up with the campaign title "You Can Play", presented it to a SAAC meeting wherein It was positively embraced, Chico Wild Cats reported.

Besides being imposed in the campus as a reform, the campaign filled the social media networks with slogans, discouraging the use of certain phrases, gestures and expressions.

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