Bob Dylan Finally Acknowledges The Nobel Prize Award For The First Time: The Academics Of The 'Nobel' Unveiled! [VIDEO]


For days, the Nobel Prize awarding committee has been trying to reach out Bob Dylan. The songwriter/artist was nowhere to be in any spot for communication on whether he will be accepting the award personally. But finally today, Bob Dylan, through his website, acknowledges the award amidst rumors that he is permanently dumping it for good, such that he just simply doesn't care.

Since the proclamation made by the "Nobel" awarding body from Swedish Academy, inviting singer/songwriter/artist Bob Dylan to accept his award for Literature, there had been a long hum of silence from the artist's end of the line. Even a public statement was not ever heard from Dylan ever since the most talked about announcement until today.

Just a week after frustratingly reaching out to Dylan, the body finally gave up. But just today, a website dedicated to Dylan, listing "The Lyrics": 1961-2012-a compendium of lyrics of the songs Dylan has written through 2012, reveals a bold headline saying, "WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE", Spin reported.

In the case of the ever-elusive Dylan, small-scale responses like these and even partial acknowledgements from his end are very much of a big deal. And, in that shot, a seat may already be reserved for Dylan for the awarding ceremony schedule on December 10 in Stockholm, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Dylan's particular remote disposition is a not a new thing. His strong philosophical grounds of entirely detaching himself from his works aggravated his artistic command. Nevertheless, many of his writer friends are reported advising him to refuse the award. After all, he is not the first to turn it down. Jean-Paul Sartre turned down a "nobel" prize offering in 1964.

"The academics of the Nobel Prizes are indicated right at the moment they are administered by the Nobel Foundation and are awarded in the fall after a rigorous selection process. The list of winners in the different categories (especially physics and chemistry) is like a Hall of Fame. For example, in physics the winners include Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Robert Millikan, Louis-Victor De Broglie, Werner Heisenberg and so on. Today each prize is valued at over $1,000,000. The reason it is such a "big deal" is because of the size of the award and the fact that the award has been given since 1901-- long enough that everyone has heard about it" How Stuff Works Science stated.

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