How To Cope With Academic Stress: Take It From Role Model University Students! [VIDEO]


Stress is an indication that a person's faculties are functioning well. By all means, it is impossible to get away from stress especially if you are a student dealing with academic requirements.

One can only best manage it like the role model university students. Discover how they cope with academic stress on their own proactive ways.

Completing a degree is a rightly challenging objective. Now, the stress brought about it can be transformed into fun if one manages him/herself well. Always remember that the key here is management.

Hence, a recent survey conducted on graduate student mental health conducted by UC Berkeley Report reveals that 45% of the general student population undergoes mental or emotional stress during the accomplishment of the degree.

But what is most alarming is that 50% from the same subjects turned out to have attempted suicide sometime during the duration of the academic year, Cheeky Scientist.

"Meanwhile, according to research done by students in the Harvard Medical School, there are five straightforward tips that one can use to help get rid of high stress levels: staying positive and laughing, meditation, exercise, unplugging from technology and small things like taking a warm bath or partaking in a favorite hobby", the Post Athens stated.

So, here are simple ways of managing and coping with stress, according to some students, the Post Athens suggested:

1. Always find time to do what you love doing. Don't take life too seriously. Perhaps, even laughing can help you cope with it.

2. A good meditation can help you easily get a hold of any academic activity.

3. Relate to other students. Their very experiences back you up right when you need them.

4. Take time to watch your favorite movies or series over at Netflix.

5. Walk around the campus or go with a friend to a nearby coffee shop.

6. Group studies are not a hundred-percent helpful. As a matter of fact, it could end addingup to your stress so that you work hard to focus while the rest of the group is having fun. Albeit it could help set in a fun mood, but it is not advisable if your intention is to focus on study. Maybe 1 or 2 study mates would do, but not more than that.

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