Successful Students' Top 5 Easy Tips For Surviving College: Basic And Most Practical Academic Solutions


"Are you having a hard time surviving college?", "Are the odds too great that you are starting to see the bleakness ahead in your future?"- these are just a few of the questions four former successful students-now-turned-interns of the Irish Farmer's Journal can most sympathetically ask struggling students of this generation. But eventually, they are not up for the answers so that they are focused on giving the students their version of the top 5 easy tips for surviving college, with most practical academic solutions at hand.

Wherever we choose to boost our expertise, the trolls are there. Whether we choose to build a career in the academics, the art or in any creative industries, problems are inevitable. But sometimes, challenges can be too challenging so that they pile up to a mound of nightmare. At the helm of it all, our long row of choices immediately get narrowed down to two ultimate actions- to fight or flight.

In lieu of the long array of internet postings by struggling students, four successful student-turned-interns decided that the best thing to do was to respond to the overbearing crisis by summing up their easy tips in surviving college in a concise list. With this, the authors hope that students in crisis may no longer have to either fight or flight, but rather take control of the situation through basic and practical academic solutions.

The list was published in August 2016. Today, it gets a refreshed look:

1. Do not enter too soon into a relationship while on college if you think you can't manage.

2. Get busy in the kitchen and learn how to cook at least two healthy and cheap meals.

3. But even if you've no other food, always have milk and teabags in your house.

4. Don't overindulge on your first night out.

5. Join a committee, whether for a club, society, in the Student Union or in a volunteering organization. You meet loads of new people and it helps to develop skills and qualities - it's NEVER too early to start developing your CV.

The rest of the list goes beyond 5. Ultimately, it ends with a jaunty note: "Take it easy. College isn't all; about grades. It's the friendship that you build along the way that truly matters", Farmers Journal reported.

"As a young, hard-pressed academic, you've probably been advised to put up rigid boundaries between academic commitments and downtime in the world outside. I would urge you instead to blur those boundaries", Times Herald Education suggested.

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