Justin Bieber: ‘Sorry’ Singer Not Sorry; Felt Disrespected, Drops Mic, Storms Off Stage in Latest Concert Outburst [VIDEO]


The fans were screaming during song breaks, but while Justin Bieber is doing his spiels, he dropped the microphone and left the stage.

The 22-year old Canadian pop star walked after pleading his fans in Manchester's Arena to quiet down during song breaks. Bieber told his fans that he appreciates all the support, love and the kind things, but added the screaming during breaks has to stop. He adds that the screaming is unnecessary when he is trying to say something to the crowd, according to Billboard.

Bieber told the concertgoers he was trying to speak and to connect with them, and all the screaming was making it difficult and not possible for him to do so in Manchester, they started booing and wanted him to get on with the show and sing. He then turned his back on the crowd, dropped the microphone and walked off the stage.

According to Fox News, the incident was not the first time the pop star ran into trouble with his "Purpose Tour.'" In recent events, the fans booed him for similar outbursts, begging his fans to stop screaming.

In Birmingham's Barclaycard Arena last week, he told fans to "take a chill pill" after saying that "the screaming is just so obnoxious." The singer went from telling the crowd that their lives had a purpose to aggressively saying that he will not engage them anymore, after returning on stage a few minutes later.

At the end of the show, he told the crowd that the reason he got upset was he traveled across the globe to come and dedicate his life to performing and bring smiles to people's faces. He says he feels people were not giving him the same respect and that it hurts. He ended the night singing his signature song "Baby."

Last May, Bieber announced he would not pose for photos with fans anymore. He took to Instagram saying it has gotten to the point that fans won't even say hi and just ask for a photo. He compared himself to zoo animals and said the move is for him to keep his sanity. He deactivated his Instagram account thereafter and has never been back on the social platform since.

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