'Justice League': Will Green Lantern Make A Cameo Appearance In 'Justice League' In their Fight Against Steppenwolf? [VIDEO]


Green Lantern is the keeper of the most powerful weapon in the DC universe, a ring powered by will. But will the Emerald Knight make an appearance in the upcoming "Justice League" movie?

The release of "Justice League" next year will give us the opportunity to see our heroes assemble for the first time on screen. From story leaks, we expect that the arc of Steppenwolf will be tackled in the upcoming full-length feature.

The movie just finished filming and is currently in post-production, but regrettably, the Emerald Knight is not in the official lineup. "Justice League" is set to open on Nov. 17, 2017, and according to Cinemablend, a 2nd "Justice League" movie is given a tentative screening date on Jun. 14, 2019.

We saw how Superman died in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and we know for a fact that he is going to be resurrected, but we have to wait for the movie to be shown to see how that is going to be accomplished. However, "Justice League" would seem incomplete without the inclusion of Green Lantern.

Though there are no indications to confirm Emerald Knight's appearance in "Justice League," we can only speculate that the production might surprise us by showing him somewhere between the movie.

Earth belongs to Sector 2814 in the Green Lantern Universe. If an alien presence is near or in their protected sector with ill intent, a Lantern Corps member or members assigned to that sector would show up. The contention lies which Lantern of Sector 2814 would show up. It could either be Hal Jordan or John Stewart, and according to Comicbook, they are positive that Green Lantern will appear in "Justice League."

There is a strong chance a Lantern might show up since they continually patrol their sector. There is a possibility one Lantern protecting Sector 2814 might come when Steppenwolf strikes. This is not unlikely since the Green Lantern Corps is automatically alerted by the Guardians when a disturbance in a particular sector of space occurs.

In the event, our Green Lantern is away, he might be ordered to go back to his native planet to investigate the disturbance. Seeing a battle underway, he might join in the effort to protect the planet. And that will be a perfect introduction for him to be inducted as a member of the "Justice League" team.

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