‘Luke Cage’ Mashup With ‘Family Matters’ Opening Credits Transports Marvel Hero to the ‘90s [Video]

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Can you imagine a bulletproof superhero "Luke Cage" in a '90s family sitcom? One YouTube user made a parody of the Marvel and Netflix hit and the results are hilarious.

YouTube user Zach Ace made a parody of "Luke Cage" using the opening soundtrack of the hit 1992 sitcom "Family Matters." The video, which was uploaded on Oct. 11, already garnered a whopping 1,426,749 views (as of this writing). In the video's description, Zach says, "I made this video entirely out of clips from the Netflix show Luke Cage and the song from (the) Family Matters."

The video was skillfully edited using scenes from the Netflix hit "Luke Cage" and mashing it up using the theme song "As Days Go By" of the hit '90s show. What's more impressive is the choice of harmless scenes he used for the parody. If you watch "Luke Cage," you rarely see scenes where the characters act goofy, the background music helped to set the mood.

Ace carefully picked scenes where the characters are smiling and added a little camera jerk here and there. The '90s style credits were spot on, wherein he even turned Turk into Turkel in reference to nerdy Steve Urkel in "Family Matters."

Hiwever, Ace did not stop there. The video's popularity made him do a side-by-side comparison video. From there, we find the effort he put into it by making it time as close to the original as possible. If you've never seen "Luke Cage," you could mistake his video for a '90s sitcom.

The video's popularity even caught the eye of the "Luke Cage" team and posted a tweet about it with the video attached.

Surprisingly, we found out that he has done an earlier mashup parody featuring "The Avengers" using the theme song "Everywhere You Look" of "Full House." The video has 1,165,588 views so far and has a side-by-side comparison.

 "Luke Cage" is streaming on Netflix now.

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