Director Quits ‘Deadpool 2’ Due To Rift With Ryan Reynolds [VIDEO]


A snag hit the production of "Deadpool 2" when Tim Miller quits working on the sequel due to an alleged rift with Ryan Reynolds.

The production of the sequel to the commercially successful "Deadpool" seems to hit another wall when Miller quit the production due to 'creative differences' with actor and producer Ryan Reynolds. According to The Wrap, Reynolds and Miller had a touchy relationship for a while now. Studio sources say the two have not had much of a relationship after the first movie was released, and the report goes on to say that the two does not even speak for long periods.

The Mirror reported that the two had a close working relationship during the making of the original "Deadpool," but a rift between them  became evident over the direction of the follow-up film. Though Miller has not formally signed on to direct "Deadpool 2," he was a big part in developing the script and was naturally expected to work on the sequel.

Earlier reports said that the sequel still does not have an established release date, which was a good sign for production to get the sequel right. It seems now that this is not quite true.

Reports say that part of the reason is that during Reynolds' renegotiation of his deal, as his agents reportedly bagged for the actor and producer a massive amount of money as well as obtaining casting approval and other creative controls for the project. The process took longer than Miller would have liked.

Miller reportedly owned a visual effects studio that did much of the polishing work for the original "Deadpool" for free. This time around, he wanted the sequel to be more stylized. Reynolds, however, wanted to focus on the raunchy comedic style that earned the movie its R rating.

A casting issue also came into focus when Miller wanted Kyle Chandler ("Bloodline") to play Cable in the sequel but Reynolds reportedly did not approve and the studio decided to back him up.

Even though the parting of ways was said to be amicable, Miller's parting should be enough for the studio to be bothered. After all, Miller was largely responsible for the original's success. On a $58 million budget, the original "Deadpool" grossed $782 million worldwide.

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