'Wolverine': It’s Time 'Wolverine' Dies In 'Logan' [Video]


One of the most recognizable and popular mutant heroes of the Marvel "X-Men" universe, Logan, is said to be the darkest of all the "X-Men" movies as of yet. But does he have to die? Below are some of the reasons why we think he must.

Hugh Jackman is retiring after 16 years

Jackman has played the adamantium-clawed fast-healing mutant in eight movies in a span of 16 years including a cameo in "X-Men: First Class," and playing "Logan" will make it nine. Playing "Wolverine" is a tribute to the actor who stayed with the character through thick and thin. A generation will always associate "Wolverine" to his portrayal.

The franchise needs move past Jackman

So many mutant movies can credit its roots to the success of "Wolverine" in 3 movies and several spin-offs. The Marvel universe is richly abundant in interesting characters, "Deadpool" for one shows a lot of promise in that department.

His healing powers are on the wane

By his story arc, "Wolverine" is almost 200 years old. He regenerates fast but he is not an immortal. Based on the released poster, it will fall into place since the plot seems to be veering to the much followed "Old Man Logan" story arc from the comics series.

Completion and closure

He started off in a timeline where he doesn't remember his past. Later in his journey, we learned of origins and how he acquired an Adamantium skeleton. He has been through enough even changing the timeline where there are fewer Sentinels. Most heroes in the X-Men verse have already died but some were revived.

His successor can take his place

In some point in Wolverine's story arc, we find that he was cloned albeit not an exact duplicate. His mutant abilities were cloned into X-23. His genetic daughter. The coming movie feature leans on this plot, and we look forward to the rumored introduction of X-23 in "Logan."

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