'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Demo Uncovers More Secrets To Those Who Keep Playing [VIDEOS]


Pokemon fans rejoice as "Pokemon Sun and Moon" release date is just around the corner, and zealous fans have already had a chance to see much of what the upcoming games have to offer due to the day-one datamining of its demo. But not everyone was thrilled about this.

These revelations disappointed some Pokemon fans who preferred to stay uninformed about the features, the full Pokedex, and the future of some defamed moves. Meanwhile, as others are reporting on YouTube and Reddit, playing the demo again and again unravels more secrets.

YouTube user FeintAttacks has collected a slew of these coverted secrets that comes to light when players return to the demo and visit a particular region on a particular date. Redditor DaRk_ViVi shared in a post everything players can obtain from the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo. This leads players toward a calendar of events.

Twelve days after starting the demo, players can earn a balm mushroom item, 12, provided they interact with the Pikachu owner who can found in the city hall. For instance, players players starting the demo on Oct. 18 can get this item on Oct. 30, SegmentNext reported. Moreover, players can take possession of a comet shard by catching up with the somber woman who can be found inside the ferry terminal, but not before 24 days.

Even the characters in the game keep changing their chitchats constantly, for instance the "mysterious old man" comes out with something unique and something absurd every time players bump into him. Furthermore, players can get a message promising goodies by speaking to a store manager in a month, Kotaku reported.

But that's not all! Players returning to the demo every Friday and Saturday will receive a cameo from Lillie and Hau. While Lillie, the coy and enigmatic apprentice of Professor Kukui shows up on Friday, while Hau will make an appearance on Sunday, and players can even eat something with her.

Those interested in starting a relationship with any of these two should bear in mind that only items will be carried over the final game. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" hits the store shelves on Nov. 18.

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