'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Latest Trailer Reveals A New Z-Move [VIDEO]


While avid gamers continue to wait with bated breath for the upcoming role-playing video games "Pokemon Sun and Moon," a fun little trailer for Nintendo 3DS' exclusive game has been released on the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel, and it centers on Mimikyu.

For those unaware, Mimikyu is deemed as a phony Pikachu because it tries to pose itself as Pikachu by dressing up like the fan-favorite Pokemon. But the reason behind this strange behavior is quite heartbreaking. Apparently, Mimikyu wants to be loved just like Pikachu. YouTuber Tobias subtitled the whole Japanese version of Mimikyu's song just for the viewing pleasure of the huge Pokemon fanbase, Kotaku reported.

Aside from showing a song about Mimikyu and its strong desire to be like Pikachu, the trailer features some interesting "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gameplay. Within the awe-inspiring trailer, a quick shot of Mimikyu performing an all-new Z-move on Umbreon is seen. Watch the Mimikyu "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer (shown below) at about :50.

It remains to be seen if the Z-Move is exclusive to Mimikyu or if it is a specific type Z-Move. This could be the Fairy-type Z-Move as it fits the theme of the Fairy-type possibly being from space or the moon rather than the theme of Mimikyu's design. Moreover, the game developer has not revealed a Fairy-type Z yet, meaning this could possibly be that, according to iDigitalTimes.

Besides, Mimikyu used the Ghost-type Z-Move while battling Espeon, which is not strong against Ghost-type attacks. That is in line with a Fairy-type Z-move against Umbreon, which is weak against Fariy-type attacks. If rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will feature 18 type-specific Z-Moves along with 11 Pokémon-specific Z-Moves.

In other news, a fan-made trailer for those who still remember the original "Pokemon Red and Blue" games have surfaced online. Directed and edited by John Wikstrom, the trailer was created by a team of fans.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated to hit the store shelves on Nov. 18.

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