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Oct 20, 2016 07:05 AM EDT

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Likely To Get Rid Of Hidden Machines [VIDEO]


In what looks like a potentially huge shake-up for the Pokemon series, upcoming games "Sun and Moon" will get rid of Hidden Machines, or HMs.

Data mining of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo has not ceased, and the recently rolled out video from YouTuber Kaphotics seems to shed more light on an array of exciting and spoiler-packed discoveries for old-time players. Among several item data is this highlight: Hidden Machines (HMs) have been removed. This is further confirmed by Redditor Handy__ManCharicific.

HMs are basically Pokemon abilities that players need in order to explore the game's world. For instance, these moves, such as 'Cut' enable players to clear trees from their path. 'Surf,' on the other hand, can be used to swim. 'Fly' is used to expedite travelling. HMs are also used to complete puzzles.

Those players who have ever carried around a dull Pokemon simply because it knows the cave-brightening, or Flash, will be particularly pleased with this change. However, it's worth noting that the data acquired by Kaphotics and other miners does not reveal what is replacing HMs. Interestingly, quite a few attacks have either become available via TMs or naturally occurring, such as Fly and Rock Smash. It remains to be seen what's in store for Surf and Cut, Polygon reported.

The new demo hints a potential replacement for these moves. Trainers will now be able to ride specific Pokemon around the overworld. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo, players can call upon a Tauros in order to run through and break blocks, just like the HM Rock Smash.

The full game is expected offer Charizard that will replace Fly, and a Lapras to replace Surf, among others. Trainers should bear in mind that these are not part of their squad, but can be called up at any time. Neither the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" code includes an array of items and Pokemon that are meant to be kept under wraps until the full game hit the store shelves.

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