‘Hackathon' Celebration Will Be Hosted By Yeshuva University Students This Year: The Academics Of Technology? [VIDEO]


The Yeshuva University declared Thursday night that their students will be hosting the "Hackathon" celebration this coming October 29, 2016. Besides the academics of technology being presented here, the purpose of this annual celebration is to feature the Israeli Startup Fair.

With such delight, the students in Yeshuva University accepted the task of hosting the "Hackathon" event with open hands and open keyboards. The schedule of the 3rd annual celebration of the "Hackathon" begins at 8:30 PM on Saturday up until 8:30 PM on Sunday. The event/celebration will be taking place in the Heights Lounge on YU's Wilf Campus, 515 West 185th Street, New York, NY, 10033, YU News reported.

The particular event has already been adapted by a number of college campuses in America. Thus, the event ensures a dynamic vision involving technology students discoursing with other students on vast topics in technology innovation, computer security enhancement, etc. However, the usual schedule of the event falls on the weekdays which happen to be day of prayer for the Jew students.

Subsequently, the Yeshuva University scheduled the 3rd annual celebration of the event on a Saturday. Hopefully, an even bigger number of Jew students may expectedly participate in the event on this Saturday, especially since the Israeli tech Startup will be given the respective floor.

The event this year is an exciting one. Besides the fact that students will be spearheading the organizing committees, the flesh of the event hints a very special recognition of an Israeli technology sector. As per representation by Israeli Startup Fair, company agents, products, endorsers and even experts will be coming in to provide tech talks to the students. By these acts, the university students in Yeshuva University will finally get a good grasp of the wide horizon in the academic side of science and technology, Arutz Sheva reported.

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