Nobel Prize 2016: Bob Dylan’s Surprising Award Leads Him Back To The Stage After Long Hiatus! [VIDEO]


Bob Dylan rocks the world once again, especially when acknowledged Thursday night as the first musician to ever win a Nobel Prize Award in Literature at the age of 75. There were equal reactions to Dylan's win, come some circumspect tones by supporters saying that the win was eventually surprising but nevertheless, others believe a well-deserved recognition. As a result, Dylan got led up to the Las Vegas stage after a long hiatus.

Bob Dylan rose to fame in the early 90's for his very deep songwriting style. Nevertheless, he was made more famous when he first introduced an electric guitar in one of his album plug-ins, further extracting a purist kind of folk music.

For his first public performance, Dylan was notably calm in his first appearance at the Las Vegas stage, Thursday night. He graced his fans with such brevity and taunted the rest of the audiences with the playfully somber rendition of Frank Sinatra's "Why Try To Change Me Now?" the Guardian reported.

It is the first time in Nobel Prize history that a laureate happened to be a musician. And, he was 75. A lot of reactions all over the media poured in to circumspect with Dylan's win. Yet, one thing surely stands credited for- such award made by the body can be described as heavily "radical", not to mention that it is antecedent to the Nobel recognition of staunch literary figure, Toni Morrison, the New York Times reported.

Dylan's ultimate rise to fame can be traced back to his iron-jested, deep and enigmatic songs, "The Times They Are A-Changin", "She's your Lover Now", "Tangled Up In Blue", plus many others. Many of his hits, say, the "The Times They Are A-Changin" depicts very precisely people's collective thoughts that built up towards the success of the civil rights movement.

A lot of critics were not pleased with the result. By all means, no one could blame them right there and then, Dylan was not a full-blown writer. In fact, he is only a songwriter. In contrary, being simply a songwriter, Dylan writes with such narrative prowess.

Hence, his works might not equal the thick paragraphs, epitaphs or the hundred words of the classical writers, but he sure writes with such brevity, color and love in his stanzas. And, with that- he was led back to the stage after a long hiatus.

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