STEM Milestone: Strategic Patterns In STEM Prepare Students For Olympic Success? [WATCH!]


Would you believe that STEM education methods among universities can prepare students for Olympic success? Indeed, this new major discovery that sparked from UK's Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie's genius but frustrated remarks at the BT Stem Crew.

The STEM education or known fully as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is an innovative approach among leading universities to integrate the four disciplines into a cohesive, spontaneous engagement that encourages constant experimentation among students with available real-world resources, Live Science stated.

STEM education is only the beginning of more organic paradigms developed in the academic community. As UK's Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie would push it, the is in a current dilemma of spotting world-class engineers due to a probable lack in UK's efforts of grounding off strategic patterns in STEM education in their universities, TES reported.

During his talk at the BT Stem Crew media launch on Monday, Sir Ben voiced out his frustrations about not finding enough engineers for his team for the Americas cup. Consequently, the BT Stem Crew happens to be an online learning platform, also a product of the STEM, for students aged 11-16.

He graced the event by praising the online learning program and leaving a remark forever etched among the audiences' hearts: "To win we don't only need the best team of sailors, we also need the best engineers, and our programme places emphasis on this!"

Sir Ben answered his very own frustration with a solution addressed to the STEM-adapting universities in the UK. He emphasized thE strategic uses in STEM are very helpful for preparing students for possible Olympic success. Of course, the fact that he is all hot for engineers in his team was never missed. It seems that his remarks were a stone for multiple hits.

"The truth is that STEM encompasses the most engaging, hands-on subjects in our schools. Strong STEM skills lead to more beautiful art, more engrossing performances, and more polished productions", STEM Jobs stated.

How does strategic patterns in STEM prepare students for Olympic success? Check out some significant notes by STEM Jobs site:

It encourages students to be innovative - Being innovative is a significant trait for winning an Olympic, provided that the student has a passion for sports.

It bolsters students' problem-solving skills- Playing sports is applying all problem-skills altogether at the same time.

It conditions students to focus- Focus is key to success, not only in the Olympics but in all fields as well.

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