Top 5 Best And Worst Answers For Tough Interview Question: Bosses Reveal The Academics Of Job Interviews! [VIDEO]


Imagine yourself all gearing up for that great day- the interview day with a positive smile on your face. Unknown to you, the direction of the interview is heading towards ultimate break downthat0 nothing could prepare you with. The tough interview question, "What is your weakness?"

And so, the tough and big bosses decided to wrap up best and worst answers that you can give during a job interview - all in top 5 academic ranking. Are you ready?

A job hunter with an account name humansof posted in Reddit horrible questions bosses have asked him on several application interviews. As expected, the responses immediately flooded in and what is most exciting was the responses coming from bosses and job interviewers, straight from their mouths, Daily Mail reported.

Soon, account holders skeeetball, jumper34017, CripserHills_ and many more all spontaneously barged in to rank top 5 worst and best answers to the tough interview question.

Here are the top 5 worst answers for the question "What's your biggest weakness":

1. I don't have any 

This is one of the most irritating answers an interviewer can come across with. Although there is some sense of honesty in it, but it is clear that the applicant simply has nothing in mind to counter such weakness. He/she must support this answer with a solution in the future, not just a mere period.

2. I don't work well with people or I'm soft spoken

Behavioral-based answers like these put the applicant in an off-course. You passion for the job has nothing to do with your behavior. Job requirements are basically skill-based, so the weaknesses that you ought to share should be technical ones, the Muse stated.

3. 'I had a man answer with "women" then proceeded to tell me he got caught cheating by his wife

This is the worst answer. Simply because it is too personal. Too much honesty can be distasteful.

4. Job interviews. I suck at them

This is down-right rude.

5. 'My biggest weakness is that I have too many strengths

This is too sarcastic and arrogant. Even if humor can raise one's chances of being hired, arrogance is an entirely different thing. It's unforgivable.

 Here are the top 5 best answers for the question "What's your biggest weakness":

1. Remain silent, and pull an index card out of your pocket that says, I over-prepare

 This is a witty move. It sure has humorous and theatrical consequences. It would likely raise your chances of being hired.

2. I take failure a bit too hard sometimes, but I'm working on it

This is sheer honesty. It shows that a person recognizes his/her weakness and is working things out to improve on it.

3. My biggest weakness is not fully knowing my weaknesses all the time

The answer is plainly funny and honest, but not rude. Again, setting up the interview environment with humor is a move that surely pays off, especially when conversations dry out.  But it could also be risky without intuition.

4. I'm not too familiar with excel at the moment, but I'm planning on taking classes this coming month. This is an answer with a clear solution attached herein- very objective and reasonable.

5. Food

When there is no other way to answer, don't overdo it. Simplify.

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