Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Nintendo in Japan; 'Super Mario Run' for iPhone Release Date Soon To Be Revealed [VIDEO]


Apple CEO Tim Cook went to Nintendo in Japan on Oct. 12 during his East Asia Tour. During his visit, he was treated with a hands-on preview by Nintendo godfather Shigeru Miyamoto of the much-awaited upcoming iOS game "Super Mario Run."

Cook shared an image of him playing "Super Mario Run" on his official Twitter account. In the same image, Nintendo executives, including Miyamoto watched with delight about his positive reaction to the game, according to MacRumors.

Before  touching down on Japan, Cook first visited China where he announced his endeavor of opening a research and development facility in Shenzhen. Based from his word alone, this seems like a done deal, which further shows the Chinese government Apple's commitment to this plan.

Furthering Apple's commitment to East Asia, the joint projects have started with Apple and Nintendo, ever since Miyamoto made a surprise appearance in Apple's September event for the iPhone 7. He demonstrated "Super Mario Run" and showcased how the game remained true to the Mario game franchise's spirit, and how it fully utilizes the new iOS and the touch screen platform during the event.

The game will feature three game modes. The first one would be much like classic Mario, while the second mode is a multiplayer mode called, "Toad Rally." The last mode is simply a world builder that lets players create their own "Mushroom Kingdom."

"Super Mario Run" is built as an endless runner, much similar to "Temple Run," except that it still retains the sidescrolling aspect that Mario has been best known for. There is still no information regarding the official release date of the game, but word likely come during the last quarter of the year, according to Daily Star. The is also a rumor that "Super Mario Run" will have a stripped-down version available as a free download.

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