'The Flash' Season 3 Recap [SPOILER ALERT]: EP Todd Helbing Reveals Dr. Alchemy Motivations


"The Flash" Season 3, Episode 2 introduced a new character, Edward Clariss or known as The Rival (Todd Lasance) in a new timeline. Aside from this character, it also introduced Julian Albert (Tom Felton) and another villain, Doctor Alchemy.

Finally, the "Harry Potter" star Felton's character was introduced in "The Flash" Season 3, Episode 2. As of now, it is not clear if he's an ally or another villain. During an interview, the EP producer Helbing elaborated a few details about Dr. Alchemy's motivation, and why this villain contracted The Rival, Entertainment Weekly reported. He said, Dr. Alchemy is not a speedster, and that's what make him unique among other villains.

Todd mentioned that Doctor Alchemy has the Philosopher's Stone, and he gives people the powers that they had in Flashpoint. This goal will truly affect Barry and his team. In the previous episode, it shows the result of Flash's time travel. He was able to save his mom from murder, and his dad's life. However, as he uses his power, all his memories as a Flash in a different timeline loss, and the lives of his allies are very different.

The Reverse Flash told him he could only correct the timeline if he allows to kill his mom. Flash has no choice but to agree with The Reverse Flash.

After traveling time with The Reverse Flash, Barry (Grant Gustin) learns that the current timeline is now different. In this timeline, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is mad at him because he refuses to time travel to save his brother. Aside from that, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) are not in good terms, and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) is now a Killer Froze (which revealed in the end of the episode, and none of them knows it).

Julian Robert is a new character in the new timeline, who is a colleague of Barry. He dislikes Barry so much.

It is not clear if he is an ally or a villain. However, some theory suggests that he could be Dr. Alchemy, according to Melty. 

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