'Gotham' Season 3 New & Spoilers: Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers On Episode 5 'Anything For You' [VIDEO]


"Gotham" Season 3 episode 4 begins with Alice's GCPD interrogation. Here, she divulges information regarding her blood, her brother and Hugo Strange's Indian Hill experiments to Detective Bullock.

After being released from Arkham Asylum with the help of Oswald Cobblepot, Edward Nygma has now been made part of Oswald's campaign for mayor, but is shown to disagree with the methods that Oswald and Butch are employing in order to win.

Furthermore, Jim Gordon is being reprimanded by Captain Barnes at the GCPD on his involvement with Alice. Later on, he discovers that Tetch's hypnosis still hasn't been broken, as he tried committing suicide when he heard ticking noises, which forces Jim to ask Barbara Kean for help in tracking down Tetch.

The episode then jumps to Bruce Wayne's doppleganger, Five. He is shown to be accompanying Selina Kyle as she tries to rob a bar, but was caught. Five then rescues her, with Selina in awe of Bruce's fighting prowess - at least she thinks she's with the real Bruce. Eventually, Selena learns the truth and runs away.

Elsewhere, Jervis Tetch, a.k.a the "Mad Hatter," has recruited the wrestling family of "The Terrible Tweeds" to help abduct her sister from the GCPD. Tetch hypnotizes them with his pocket watch, according to EW.

While Tetch's plan to take back her sister's work, all has been for nothing as Alice is killed when Gordon tries to save her. In the same event, Gordon breaks Tetch's hypnosis.

The episode ends with Cobblepot winning the elections, and learning that Nygma took back the bribe money given by Butch to the election officials. This proves to Cobblepot that his win was done fairly, and that the people of Gotham genuinely supported him. Captain Barnes is also shown to be infected with Alice's blood, while Five is alluded to be kidnapped by "The Court of Owls."

According to ComingSoon, "Gotham" Season 3 episode 5 titled "Anything for You" will show the return of Edward Nygma to the GCPD - much to the displeasure of those that he wronged.


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