'Kypton' Spoilers And News: 'Superman' Prequel Full Cast Unveiled, 'Game Of Thones' Actor Joins The Series [VIDEO]


Syfy's new TV series, "Krypton" cast has been announced. The new TV series is a Superman prequel.

In a latest report, the "Game Of Thrones" star Ian McElhinney has been cast for the role Val-El in the Krypton pilot, Deadline reported. Other cast members are Elliot Cowan, Ann Ogbomo, Rasmus Hardiker, Wallis Day, Aaron Pierre, Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El and Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod.

"Krypton" is set before the destruction of Superman's planet. It follows the story of Man of Steel's grandfather who he fights to redeem his family's honor and save his planet from chaos. Val-El is a grandfather of Seg-El. He is a rogue who believes that "space exploration is a basic form of self-defense." He tried to warn the Kryptonian elite about the arrival of an ancient threat, however, he failed.

Daron Vex (portrayed by Cowan), the Chief Magistrate of Kandor. He defends Krypton's established oligarchy against heretics and dissidents. Meanwhile, The CW's "Supergirl" Season 2, Episode 1 introduced Kara Danvers' (Melissa Benoist) cousin Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Apparently, the first episode of "Supergirl" for Season 2 has been liked by millions of fans.

In a recent report, the Episode 1 got 1.1 rating, and has been watched by 3 million total viewers. Unlike its Season 1 premiered on CBS, it only got 3.1, 12.96 million viewers, according to Variety.


Some publications praised the Superman portrayal by Hoechlin. The actor nails both Clark Kent and the superhero, according to Digital Spy.

The episode starts off with Kara and J'onn J'onzz or Hank Henshaw are chasing a mysterious flying object. Kara opens the object that appears to be a space pad, and there is a man inside.

Kara and James Olsen love relationship ended as friends. James accepted Kara's decision and he promises he will be a good friend.

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