MacBook Pro 2016 vs Surface Book 2: Find Out Which Flagship Offers Solutions to Many Laptop Problems [VIDEO]


Both older versions of MacBook Pro 2016 and Surface Book 2 have received positive reviews from various tech analysts. The two is back on track for a new competition as both launching dates are imminent. Find out which of the two high-end laptops provide solutions to most of the problems encountered.

MacBook Pro 2016 Features

The release date of MacBook Pro 2016 is patiently anticipated by mac fans due to its rumored upcoming features. According to BGR, the 2016 version of MacBook Pro will be thinner, lighter and will be sporting an OLED display above the keyboard, replacing the physical function keys.

MacBook Pro 2016 is also said to run the Intel Skylake chipsets, thus, it is expected for the new Mac to become faster and more powerful machine compared to its predecessor. In light with this, the new Mac is also expected to have a longer battery life, which comprised most of laptop users' problems.

Furthermore, Apple has a surprise to all creative designers as MacBook Pro 2016 will feature a larger trackpad and a stylus-friendly one. Apple has reportedly filed a patent for Apple pencil support feature for the future Macs.

Surface Book 2 Features

A dramatic and major tweak is expected from Microsoft Surface Book 2, the second generation of the Windows-maker's laptop lineup. Surface Books are considered as a 2-in-1 PC tablet, since its Dynamic-Fulcrum hinge allows the screen detached from the base and act as a fully-featured Windows 10 tablet using touch screen.

However, a small gap between the keyboard and display is spotted when the laptop is shut, thus, the old Surface Book is prone to all kinds of dirt including dust. For this reason, Surface Book 2 addresses the concern and have the keyboard and display sit flush when close, just like the traditional laptops according to Express. There is no mention of retaining the Dynamic-Fulcrum.

Furthermore, Surface Book 2 is rumored to run in an Intel Kaby Lake chipsets for faster performance. For the screen resolution, the new laptop is said to feature an Ultra-High Definition 4K, display higher than the Surface Book which has 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution.


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