PlayStation VR Review: Is the Plug-and-Play VR Mainstream Worth the Shift from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive? [VIDEO]


The maker of the best-selling PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4, Sony, is on its way to virtual reality mainstreaming through the newly launched PlayStation VR. Will the plug-and-play nature of the game console and its features is worth leaving the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive given PSVR price?

PlayStation VR Review

At first look, PlayStation VR's launched games tend to have a resemblance to Nintendo's Wii mini-games. However, when looking deeper, PSVR also has hardcore gamer genres such as "Rez Infinite," which cause massive shift from Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, according to Forbes.

It can be recalled the game "Rez Infinite" was first launched in 2001 to Dreamcast and became the most popular game among gamers until PlayStation 2. According to the same publication, the game has found its home to PlayStation VR for its trippy audio and visual, and on-rails nature.

On the other hand, the ocean survival game "Subnautica" also jives with Sony's new VR platform. Aside from the survival games, Sony PSVR library also have first-person shooter and puzzle games that will surely compete with the vast library of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

PlayStation VR is the Winner

When it comes to consumer VR, PlayStation VR seemed to stand out among its top-of-line competitors, including Samsung Gear and Google Daydream. According to Tech Crunch, PSVR is the new gold standard that offers a bright future for accessible and everyday use technology.

Though PSVR cannot compete with HTC Vive's room-scale and visual fidelity as well as Samsung Gear's wireless freedom, it's the simplicity where PSVR stands out. PSVR's simplicity cut across its set-up, calibration and actual use, and is incomparable to the complicated systems offered by Vive and Rift.

Simplicity is one factor while power is another. PSVR strikes a balance between simple and beautiful, and has the ability to provide high-end VR experience without using high-end technical requirements.

The only disadvantage noted from PlayStation VR is its price, which is higher than its competitors; however, knowing all the features and level of comfort the VR platform can give, PSVR is the way to go. 


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