LeBron James: Interested in World History, Enrolls at University of Akron; Will Leave Basketball for Good? [VIDEO]


NBA legend LeBron James has expressed his interest on World History. After accomplishing much inside the court, will the legend leave basketball for good and explore the student life inside the University of Akron?

LeBron Raymone James started playing in NBA in 2003, which made him left his high school education in St. Vincent - St. Mary High School in his hometown in Akron, Ohio. Since then, he has become one of the players who have greatest careers in NBA, alongside Michael Jordan, Fox Sports reported.

Being one of the legends inside the court, James' net worth has ballooned. As a result, he fulfills his promise to provide full scholarships to children from Akron who comply with the requirements and complete the program, the basketball star wanted to make a difference in the lives of the children in Akron.

Now that he already set the path of other kids to receive college degrees, James is thinking of setting his own path to study world history and math, which has become his interest ever since. According to Ohio blog, James loves to learn how everything under the sun has put together, and how people from the ancient times have built the world into a beautiful place.

Right now, James spend his free time on reading books and makes sure he surrounds himself with people who loves to share their knowledge to him. He said that he will make sure to attend his classes in the university when his schedule permits. Since James is not a full-time student, it appears that he doesn't have plans of leaving basketball soon.

During his career in NBA, James has won several awards, which includes three times Final MVP award, four times MVP award, NBA scoring title, NBA Rookie of the year award and selected to 12 NBA All-Star teams. 


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