'League of Legends': Developer Riot Games To Expand In SEA, To Add Post-Game Replays, Reveals Ivern In A New Clip[VIDEO]


"League of Legends" developer Riot Games plans to expand in South East Asia (SEA). After "LoL" Patch 6.20 arrived, the gaming developer introduced a new character, Ivern, in a new clip.

"League of Legends" Patch 6.20 boasts balance and bug fixes. Aside from that, it has a new character, Ivern. Ivern Bramblefoot a.k.a the Green Father is a half man, half tree who walks around Runeterra's forests. His special ability is to share jungle buffs with his allies.

The new character frees jungle monsters instead of killing them. He can produce brushes, which will grown in 30 seconds, and it won't attack non epic monsters. Gameplay Designer Blake Smith said Ivern can contribute a bit of damage during the gameplay. However, his allies should shine as well by getting an extra buff once Ivern frees a buff monster at level 5 and higher.

His stats shows he has 330 movespeed, 580 Base HP, 50 Base Attack Damage, 125 attack range, and 3.5 Armor Growth. In the video below, Ivern's passive is described as a friend in the forest. The new character loves all the jungle creatures, and he doesn't have an intention to harm them. So this explains that he doesn't kill creature, but he sets them free.

Another feature added is the post-game replays that can be watched directly from the LoL client itself. Riot announced that they added this highly-requested feature, Engadget reported.

The developer also added a new Annotated Timeline. This feature shows the highlight of the best moments of a particular game. By watching this, it may help "LoL" players analyze the gameplay.

Meanwhile, in other related news, "LoL" developer, Riot Games is looking forward to expand in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietman, Thailand, and Philippines. This is for the preparation for next year, Inquirer eSports reported.

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