Yahoo Gives US Gov't Access To All Users' Emails, Secretly Scanned Users' Emails For The NSA and FBI?[VIDEO]


After some personal emails reported hacked, Yahoo is now being accused of providing US intelligence officials access to all of its users.

Last year, the giant tech company, Yahoo Inc., secretly built a custom software that can search all of its users/customers' incoming emails for specific information. This was the reason why National Security Agency and FBI scanned hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts, Reuters reported.

This news came after Yahoo announced that State-Sponsored Hackers stole hundreds of personal information. A Yahoo spokesperson told Engadget, "Yahoo is a law abiding company, and complies with the laws of the United States."

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency employee who revealed leaks some sensitive information of the government, took Twitter to share his thought.

Google and Microsoft were also accused of being involved in NSA email scanning. Yesterday, it was confirmed that these tech giants did not participate on email scanning for the government, according to Fortune.

According to the source, the email surveillance program was reportedly installed in 2015. After this report appeared on Tuesday, Oct. 4, many people asked if NSA also gave direction to Google and Microsoft. The two tech giants announced they never participated.

Google spokesperson confirmed that the company, never received any request. If they'd receive such request, they will surely say, "no."

Microsoft released a statement that they did not participate as well. In a released statement, the company said they never engaged in the secret scanning of email.

Both Google and Microsoft are operating millions of accounts (Gmail and Hotmail). This is the reason why many people think that they also participated in secret scanning happened in 2015.

Another tech giant who also confirmed that they did not receive a request from NSA, is Facebook.

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