'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Release Date, UK Price: Fighting-Type Z-Moves Revealed In Legendaries Trailer [VIDEO]


Pokemon buffs, rejoice! 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon which imply a few treats are in the offing.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been confirmed to hit the store shelves in November 2016, so this may just be the right time to delve into some key details including features, release date, starters, and the official legendaries trailer.

The previously rolled out "Pokemon Sun and Moon" video gave us a sneak peek at the evolutions for three starter Pokemon and divulged that a demo version will be released on October 18.

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Release Date, UK Price

Nintendo announced that the seventh generation in the series, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will launch in Europe on November 23 and worldwide on November 18 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, PC Advisor reported.

You can pre-order the highly anticipated games from online retailers, Amazon and GAME for £39 (about $49). Moreover, there's a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" edition that will be up for grabs for £44 (about $55).

Those who purchase before January 11, 2017 will get a rare Munchlax that evolves into Pulverizing Snorlax and is geared with a special item dubbed as Snorlium Z. It will come with two moves - Hold Back and Happy Hour.

Type Z-Move Names Divulged In New Trailer

Nintendo UK posted a new English trailer on YouTube Friday, October 7 showing off more gameplay including a couple of mysterious Z-Moves unveiled during a previous Japanese trailer, iDigitalTimes reported.

The aforementioned "Sun and Moon" trailer is dubbed as "Legendaries," and it features the CG Lunala and Solgaleo along with a lot of the gameplay footage from that previous trailer, but now with English wording.

Thanks to the trailer, we now have some new information including Fighting-Type Z-Moves and Ghost.

Mimikyu is seen using a Ghost-type Z-Move called Neverending Nightmare in the trailer. Judging by the Japanese trailer, a lot of shadows are used to strike the opponent in this move.

The Fighting-type Z-Move, on the other hand, is called All-Out Pummeling that has the Pokemon charge at the enemy and pummel them, obviously.

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