'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Update: Popplio Is The New Pokemon Starter That Everyone Hates [VIDEO]

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When The Pokemon Company recently unveiled the starters for "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the internet erupted with admiration for the new monsters. But Pokemon enthusiasts left one Pokemon on the sideline - Popplio, the water seal/dog.

While most Pokemon buffs were going berserk over Litten's unerring name, or Rowlet's adorable bowtie, Popplio only managed to attract apathy and hate. Game Freak ended up giving some fans even more reason to dislike the evolution line by unveiling Popplio's evolution, Brionne recently, Kotaku reported.

Players are ranting about Brionne because it looks too 'feminine.'

Gamers took to Twitter to express their disappointed regarding the appearance of Popplio's second evolution. People are finding fault with Brionne's dress-like design, along with its daintiness in battle that upholds its feminine nature.

Although the Pokemon can either be a male or female creature, fans are turned off to the fact that its appearance gravitate more towards the latter rather than having a "neutral" design, according to reports on Hall of Fame Magazine.

While some Pokemon buffs did not express outright hate for Brionne's design, they conveyed their confusion about its 'feminine' presentation, nonetheless. But does a Pokemon's appearance or gender make a difference?

Players should bear in mind that a Pokemon's gender should not determined based on its clothes or outward aspect. In consonance with this, there are a slew of other Pokemon that sport looks that lean towards a specific gender - for instance - Machoke and Machamp who have the appearances of male bodybuilders. Brionne is said to be always cheery and positive.

In other news, the file size for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been revealed by the imminent games' Japanese website (via Siliconera). This is particularly important news for those considering a digital copy of the Nintendo 3DS game. These are 3.2GB games.

Considering that each Nintendo 3DS block of memory is about 128KB, these games will utilize about 26,176 blocks of memory of your Nintendo 3DS system's SD/micro SD card.

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