'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Starter Evolution Revealed [VIDEO], Demo Drops On October 18; Ash-Greninja Announced!

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The new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer is officially out just a month ahead of its scheduled November 18 release date, showcasing the evolved forms of the three Starter Pokemon - Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

For its October 4 update, The Pokemon Company shed more light on the evolved forms of the Starter Pokemon that are slated to accompany Trainers as they delve into the Alola region. Without delay, the teaser trailer unveils the Starter Evolutions dubbed as Dartrix (Rowlet), Torracat (Litten) and Brionne (Popplio). According to the trailer, Dartrix is a Grass/Flying-type equipped with Overgrow Ability, Torracat, on the other hand, is a Fire-type which boasts Blaze Ability, and Brionne is a Water-type geared with Torrent Ability.

Let's take a closer look at the first evolutionary form of each of these coveted Pokemon:


The creature sports a little cowlick, and dons a bell made out of fire, which, according to the official description is a flame sac, an organ capable of producing flames. Torracat's emotions leads to a rise in the organ's temperature, and when the organ throws out flame, it chimes with unblurred sound of a bell. Torracat attacks its opponent using the flames thrown out of this bell, Kotaku reported.


This Pokemon can do a hairflip, and it also giggles! Aside from being a stylish 'mon, Dartrix can be like a spoiled brat once in a while. This uber cool, Blade Quill category Pokemon is said to be so obsessed with its own appearance that sometimes it gets distracted from battle, and is even capable of throwing in the towel in order to prune its feathers.

Dartrix is a dominant, crafty Pokemon but it is more concerned with life's trivial enjoyments. The Pokemon official website dubs it as a "snob," but it's up to each Trainer to help Dartrix stay focused on battle. It's worth noting that if this Pokemon is accompanied by a Trainer who encourages it through, its strength will grow beyond measure.


Popplio's first evolution, Brionne is known as the "pop star Pokemon," because aside from being cute, it dances and is friendly. Brionne is extremely hard working as well. Brionne learns its dances by emulating other members of its colony. It also learns dances from humans occasionally. This Pokemon confuses its opponent with its remarkable choreography, and then slaps its balloons in their face, causing the balloons to blow up and deal lethal damage.

Even when its feeling said, Brionne stays lively and confident to hide its sorrow. Apparently, Brionne reveals its most vulnerable state only to a Trainer or Pokemon to whom it's close to.

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Demo

In other news, there will be a demo for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" arriving on October 18, giving avid gamers access to Ash-Greninja, an all-new version of the starters from "Pokemon X and Y."

The Greninja can be transferred to the full game, which is slated to hit the store shelves next month. The Pokemon utilizes the brand spanking new Battle Bond feature.

Stay tuned in here for more "Pokemon Sun And Moon" updates!

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