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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Features: Mega Evolution, Poke Pelago, Festival Plaza & More Unveiled; Meet Captain Sophocles [VIDEO]


"Pokemon Sun and Moon" just made the entire Pokemon universe a lot more amusing and engaging. Get to know more about it.

The recently rolled out "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer gave us a sneak peek at the second-generation evolutions of Starter Pokemon Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. Now, Datrix, Torracat and Brionne have also been introduced, and the fully evolved forms of the trio are nearing as well. Ahead of that highly anticipated announcement, however, The Pokemon Company has announced its latest update on its official site as it has added an array of exciting features in the Cool Features section.

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' - The New World

Festival Plaza is described as a place where players can hang around and enjoy the world together. The new trailer gives us a glimpse of Captain Sophocles, who is the owner of Festival Plaza, Headlines & Global News reported.

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' - Poke Pelago

Poke Pelago is a paradise for Pokemon to delve in. A new character known as Mohn is also shown in the trailer. He can be seen explaining how players can bring in their own Pokemon to Poke Pelago.

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' - Mega Evolution

Players are likely to bump into Wild Pokemon in Isle Abeens; Isle Aphun is where one can find rare and prized items. Isle Evelup, on the other hand, is the place where trainers can leave their Pokemon to undergo further training. Poke Pelago encompass the aforesaid islands i.e. Isle Abeens, Isle Aphun and Isle Evelup. This makes the whole Pokemon world dynamic and more true to life contrary to previous generations of the game.

The Pokemon Company also explained that in the upcoming "Sun and Moon" games, if a player manages to capture an Evolving Pokemon inside the Alola region, those monsters can be Mega Evolved. However, for the process to commence, players should have the perfect Mega Stone, according to reports on EuroGamer.

Players can obtain Mega Stones either by purchasing it from the shops or get some from other gamers.

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