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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Updates: New Feature Dubbed Poke Pelago Likely; Three Starter Evolution Detailed [VIDEO]


"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has introduced a brand new feature for the Pokemon placed in PC Boxes, dubbed as the Poke Pelago. Nintendo rolled out a new trailer for the upcoming games, showing off a myriad of new features and evolutions of the three starter Pokemon.

With the help of Poke Pelago your Pokemon will be able to lure wild Pokemon to the Isle Abeens where there is an opportunity to add them to your game via interaction with your PC box Pokemon. The Poke Pelago comes with a feature that enables your Pokemon to track down an array of mysterious items from the Isle Alphun. For instance, your Pokemon can find leaf stones while at the Isle Alphun, Otakukart reported.

Moreover, there's a feature in the Poke Pelago that let players place their Pokemon at Isle Evelup where they can level up while players are away on their adventure.

You have an option to make a special drink for your Pokemon that allows you to work on a crucial stat of the creature. In other words, if you want to level the Pokemon up you'd offer them an EXP drink; alternatively, if you want your Pokemon faster you'd give them a Speed Boost drink.

In related news, Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for "Pokemon Sun and Moon," showing off evolutions of three starter Pokemon and an array of awe-inspiring features, US Gamer reported.

Rowlet, Litten And Popplio

First up is the stylish Rowlet, who transforms into the cowlick-sporting Dartrix. Litten, a fire Pokemon turns into Torracat, who dons a bell that's made of pure flame. Last but certainly not least, Popplio evolves into Brionne, a dancing water Pokemon that aspires to be a star.

Other Features: Festival Plaza

The much anticipated "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will feature the Festival Plaza, a place where Pokemon Trainers from any part of the world can make acquaintance and socialize.

In addition, you can network with other Trainers, trade Pokemon, and even battle with them. You also have an opportunity to earn Festival Coins simply by helping out tourists. You can use Festival Coins to buy a slew of things including bouncy houses for your Pokemon to train in, dye for your clothes and deals on items. Furthermore, ranking up by collecting Festival Coins unravels the ability to do global missions and co-op.

Stay tuned in here for more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" updates!

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