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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Release Date & Updates: New Move For Alola Exeggutor Likely [VIDEO]; Mega Evolution Expected; What Will We See?


Looks like avid gamers have something to cheer about as "Pokemon Sun and Moon" release date is just around the corner, but even before the two new role-playing video games hit the store shelves, details regarding the games have already been revealed.

Both, "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" are slated to come to 3DS next month, specifically on November 18, and there's hearsay that the highly anticipated games will be introducing special moves exclusively for its Alola versions of Pokemon. According to a recent announcement, the Alola Exeggutor will add a new special power dubbed as the Dragon Hammer to its arsenal, ChristianToday reported.

It can be recalled that the Alolan Exeggutor was previously teased to only smash its head on the ground as one of its attack. Apparently, that's the only piece of information which has been revealed, but as reported by Forbes, Japanese "Cat Mario Show" aired an episode wherein the Alolan Exeggutor was shown with the Dragon Hammer attack. It showed off its brand new move by hitting an Exeggute in just a single hit.

Rumors are running rampant indicating that the Dragon Hammer is a physical execution of the Draco Meteor, which is a special attack boasting a base power of 130. However, the impressive looking move is not spared from flaws. Although the move deals a lot of damage to the opponent, the Special Attacker stat of the user declines during the duration of the fight.

There's a possibility that the same applies to the Dragon Hammer as well, but instead of the Special Attack stat, the user's Attack gets scaled down. It's worth noting that the new move is just like the Wood Hammer, but a different version. Watch the video clip below:

In related news, optimistic gamers are hazarding guesses that the upcoming games will include the Mega Evolution. The feature was introduced in "Pokemon X and Y" and if things go as planned; it will be included in "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon."

Readers are advised to bear in mind that none of this has been officially confirmed yet, so its best to take these reports with a huge grain of salt.

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