'Last Of Us 2' Confirmed, Outbreak Day Sale: Limited Eidtion Poster, PS Store Sale

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Online rumors suggest that "Last Of Us 2" will be introduced at  Sony's PlayStation Experience [PSX] event this coming December. Meanwhile, the "Last of Us" limited edition poster and Remastere version are on sale this week

On the official blogpost of Playstation, they announced that they teamed up with Mondo to create a limited edition poster inspired by "The Last of Us." Kevin Tong was the one illustrated the poster was illustrated and developed in close collaboration with the studio.

Aside from the limited edition poster, Playstation official website announced the global Outbreak Day sale at PlayStation Store, which will run next week. Expect significant discounts on "The Last Of Us" Remastered.

Naughty Dog, creator of "The Last Of Us" and Tong produced the poster in honor of Outbreak Day. In the story of the game, September 26 is the day when the Cordyceps virus outbreak reached critical mass.

"The Last of Us" has been discounted by 50% this Outbreak Day Sale. Since it is still Outbreak Day Sale, PlayStation 4 title can be sold for only $10. Aside from that,  Remastered's Tactical Weapons Bundle for multiplayer is marked down to $1.50 (from $3), and  the Outbreak Day PS4 dynamic theme that cost $3 is now completely free, Game Spot reported.

You can also save on  Remastered multiplayer customization packs and more by visiting the PlayStation Store on your console or visit the store's website to check all of the offers.

"The Last of Us" was first released in June 2013 for PlayStation 3, and its remastered version was released for PS4 in July 2014. Since the first "The Last of Us" garnered positive feedbacks and successful when it comes to sales, many players are waiting for the next seque.

Some online rumors suggest it could be in development, and will come out in 2017, however, nothing has been confirmed. "The Last of Us" will be adapted into a movie, but it has not progressed in years. 

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