Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Phones Overheating; Samsung Washing Machines, iPhone 7 Exploding?


Samsung Galaxy 7 replacements were released, however, there are reports that suggst that these phones overheat easily. Aside from Samsung phone,  an iPhone 7 was reported exploaded.

In a previous report, the Korean company urged users to return their Galaxy Note 7 because of  a series of reports about some devices that were exploded. One of the users that confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 exploded is the man from St. Petersburg, Florida, Nathan Dornacher.

Dornacher has been a Galaxy user for many users. His jeep was covered in fire after he left his Note 7 charging in the vehicle's center console before his jeep covered in flames, he told Fox 13.  

Some users reported that the updated Note 7 phones, which were issued by Samsung last week, have been losing power quickly, even though it was on charging, Telegraph UK. Aside from that, some complained that the replacement phones are easily get hot.

The Korean company has acknowledged some customers in South Korea who complained about the replacement non-removable batteries. As of writing this article, it is not clear how many devices are affected, and how many people experienced similar problems.

It seems not only Note 7 has a problem. In a recent report of Mashable, suggest that Samsung washing machines exploded whine in use.

On Monday, The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a warning on Wednesday, Sept. 28, informing the public about the "safety issues" on certain models made between March 2011 and April 2016 have problems. CPSC did not specify the models.

The source added that customers from Texas, Georgia, and Indiana claimed their washing machines exploded during use. ABC News believed that there 21 people have reported that their machines have malfunctioned during use.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rival iPhone 7 was reported exploded. According to a Reddit user under the name "kroopthesnoop," "Something happened between the factory and delivery," and he attached pictures of the broken back iPhone 7.

It seems that the device got damage during its transportation, Independent UK reported. The photo of the broken iPhone 7 has surfaced quickly online. It was also published on 9GAG.

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