'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 3 Episode 2: Spoilers, Recap: Oliver Is Not Dead, Episode 3 Promo Released[VIDEO]


"How to Get Away With Murder" Season 3, Episode 2 was premiered on Thursday, Sept. 29. It revealed that Oliver is alive and safe.

The episode started off showing a dead person covered in a white sheet. Some fans suspected that it was Oliver, a computer wiz.

In the previous episode, Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) was shot, making viewers wonder if he will be the first character died in Season 3. However, the ending of the episode revealed that he is not dead.

Oliver ran towards Annalise. He was worried, and asked Annalise, "I heard someone says there's a body." Annalise replied no one knows.

Episode 2 ends, with Annalise standing in front of a body bag on a stretcher, while her house is burning down. Before Annalise was arrested by cops, she whispered to Oliver, "Wipe it Clean."

Since the previous episode did not reveal the character who died, many followers of the American series are dying to know who could that be. The actor who played Oliver, Ricamora told US Magazine, that every week, instead someone will be dead, somebody else is going to be alive.

What else to expect on Episode 3?

According to Pete Nowalk, Analise will surely have an extremely emotional reaction, after she was arrested. "It's a person who plays a very pivotal role in her life," Nowalk said, referring to Annalise.

Where to watch live stream?

Before watching Episode 3, you better watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 (in case you haven't watched both episodes). To watch live stream of replays, visit this link.

The promo for Episode 3 has been released this week. It shows Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) goes to the casino. It also teases a powerful line from a major character, Annalise saying, "Everything is a fight for me right now."

Watch the "How To Get Away with Murder" Season 3, Episode 3 on Thursdays, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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