'Arrow' Season 5 News and Spoilers: Stephen Amell Reveals Supergirl and Arrow's Picture, A Dead Character Returns?


After Stephen Amell revealed a photo of Supergirl and Green Arrow. New reports suggest that some dead character will return to haunt Oliver Queen.

On Twitter, Amell shared a photo of him as the Green Arrow and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. Check the photo here.

In a previous report, the "Arrow" star teased a new villain, who also appeared in previous seasons, Slade Wilson, on Twitter. Aside from Wade, Amell also posted mystery guests who are covered by green silhouettes.

"Arrow: Season 5" will be aired on Wednesday, October 5, executive producer Wendy Mericle confirmed. According to EP, the new season will be magic-free.

Speaking of returning villain, a dead character will return. Susanna Thompson who, portrayed the role of Moira Queen in the first two seasons will come back this Season 6 for 100th episode, Enterntainment Weekly reported. Of course, Thompson will reprise her role as Moira, however, details about how she will come back is not yet revealed. This would mean that you should really watch "Arrow" Season 6.

On Season 2, Moira was killed by Deathstroke (Manu Bennet). Moira volunteered herself as Slade's victim. If you will watch the scene in the Season 2, Slade forced Oliver to choose between his mother and his sister. Aside from "Arrow," Thompson will also appear on NBC's new drama "Timeless."

Speaking of Deathstroke, this villain will also return on the 100th episode. Previously, Amell also teased a photo of him and Deathstroke on Twitter.

"Arrow" is not new in crossovers. This fall, some reports suggest that this fall, the superheroes from The CW's DC Comics series will unite to fight the iconic alien race The Dominators, according to Hollywood Reporter.

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