'Supergirl' News & Updates: Superhero Fight Club 2.0 Promo Welcomes 'Supergirl' To The CW [VIDEO]


The CW has done it again. The hype of the upcoming new seasons for their DC TV universe shows had just been even more heightened as the CW just revealed a new and second "fight club" trailer.

The first fight club trailer was used as a promo for upcoming crossover episodes of "Arrow" and "The Flash", but this time around, "Supergirl" is included and formally introduced to be a part of their TV universe, according to CBR.

The trailer starts in a cylindrical room, with a chair in the middle where Supergirl is restrained with shackles. Green Arrow and Flash walks in and advises Supergirl that she is in what they call "fight club." Supergirl breaks free from her constraints in excitement. Other heroes from "Legends of Tomorrow" also appear: White Canary, The Atom and Firestorm joins them for what's about to happen.

Green Arrow mentions that they have made some upgrades to fight club; upgrades that are better suited for the likes of Supergirl. Cisco Ramon and Felicity Smoak are shown to be in the control room, as well as John Diggle, who is eating a Belly Burger. Hank Henshaw from "Supergirl" enters the control room, and tranforms into The Martian Manhunter, much to Diggle's surprise.

The challenge that the heroes faced in fight club are in the form of weaponized orbs under Cisco and Felicity's control. The entire fight sequence is backed by the track "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses. After overcoming the orbs, Supergirl asks for more. In a short while, a door opens, and Gorilla Grodd rushes agressively towards them, to which the promo was ended.

There are some hilarious bits in the trailer, like Cisco singing along with Axel Rose's famous adlib, and the return of the fan girl employee from the first "fight club" trailer. ComingSoon.Net also reports that a four-part superhero crossover will start with "Arrow's" 100th episode.

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