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Top 5 Reasons to Trust Samsung Again Despite Galaxy Note 7 Battery Issues


Samsung was forced to recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units globally due to overheating issues that resulted to explosion. For this reason, consumers diverted their choices to Apple iPhone 7 as the second option that resulted to the latter's booming sales. Despite the battery issues faced by Samsung, other people voiced out their trust to the South Korean tech giant for some valid reasons.

Immediate action on battery issues

Samsung has once again proven their worth as a tech company when they immediately issued a statement of recall and refund when the first incident of Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion has been reported. Bloomberg reported that phone replacements are available in most retail stores in the United States. Aside from the recall and refund program, the company has informed the users about the battery capping software that can be downloaded into the units.

Sincere in getting back the people's trust

Tim Baxter, Samsung America President and COO had personally issued a statement of apologies for the incidence related to Galaxy Note 7 fiasco through a video. He said that the company is working hard to earn back the trust from the consumers. The company's top executive revealed that there are 1.3 million units for replacement. At the end of the video, he thanked the Samsung fans for the patience and support extended to Samsung.

Remain humble and calm

Despite Galaxy Note 7 getting banned from airlines, Samsung remained calm and humble on the actions taken by the management. This was further supported by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration to make sure that the device will not harm any activities performed by the aircraft.

Restarting sales of Galaxy Note 7

The South Korean tech giant company has been dusting off itself and is planning to start selling Galaxy Note 7 devices again. However, this time they make sure that no related incidents of battery explosion will happen again. But before restarting the sales, BBC reported that Samsung will need more time for the global recall.

Innovative design and technology

Before iPhone 7 was applauded for its innovative design and technology, Samsung was at the podium when Galaxy Note 7 was released in August. So far, Note 7 has the most innovative design and technology not to mention the edge-to-edge screen brought first by Samsung. 

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