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5 Features of iOS 10 that Will Make Users Want to Upgrade As Soon As Possible


iOS 10 is the latest operating system launched by Apple for its devices and chances are many have already took the time to upgrade from the previous versions. But there are some who tried no to mind the constant reminder from Apple regarding the update and surely there must be a reason for that.

Mainstream reviews gave positive feedbacks to Apple newest mobile OS and the following are among the highlighted features of iOS 10 that will make users want to upgrade as soon as possible: 

iMessage Environment

The addition of third party apps, insane confetti effects, stickers and emojis has made the iMessage interaction more interesting. According to The Verge, Apple might have learned from their competing apps such as Messenger, Line and Snapchat for adding such features.

Siri Integrates Third-Party Apps

Siri controlled apps include messaging, calls, photos, payments, CarPlay Systems, ride-sharing apps and workouts. Third party apps like Square Cash, OpenTable, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Yelp and Uber are now included in the options for Siri. To know about which apps is supported by Siri on your iPhone, head on Settings and you should find a list of apps there.

Totally Different Lock Screen

The lock screen in iOS 10 is the one to be noticed first after the upgrade. Embedded in it is information such as frequent contacts, app suggestions, upcoming calendar events, weather and news stories. Also, swiping to unlock is a no need when after a few days of using the phone according to Forbes.

Better Maps

The map in iOS 10 is said to be better, cleaner and more helpful compared to the previous versions. A nice feature is added like it can tell where you have parked your car before. iOS map is a lot better now compared to Google Maps.


The most notable features in iOS when it comes to photos is the editing tool. Though it is not par with professional apps out there but it won't bug the users from the complex of editing. Aside from that, iOS retains the Live Photos even after editing them and that means you can always edit them to formats like GIF.

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