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‘Google Nexus 2016’ Release Date: Google Retain the Nexus Price under the Pixel Brand; VR Daydream, Google Home Coming in October


"Google Nexus 2016" or Pixel phones are not the only ones expected in the upcoming Google event in October. Analysts revealed the plan of Google to unveil the virtual reality headset and a certain Amazon Echo rival. Could it be true that Pixel phones price will be at par with Nexus brand?

Despite rumors regarding "Google Nexus 2016" as the most powerful android smartphone, an analyst expects that Google will team up with another manufacturer to be able to come out with cheaper phones. The principal analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy Patrick Moorhead is expecting the Pixel phones price ranging from $299 to $399 at par with Nexus brand according to SF Gate. Moorhead also believed that Nexus brand will not be discontinued in contrast to the statement of other analysts.

On the other hand, the October media event of Google will not only be about the launching of "Google Nexus 2016" or Pixel phones. Google is slated to launch their two newest products aside from the android smartphones - Google VR Daydream and Google Home according to Pocket-Lint. The former is said to be compatible with the android smartphones while the latter is the counterpart of Amazon Echo.

Google Home is an internet-connected device just like a size of a cup of coffee. This device comes with great features such as answering questions to topics like the weather, check on deliveries and schedule appointments. The Google VR Daydream will have a built-in controller that works best with smartphones. This VR platform of Google is said to beat Apple in VR field since the latter has not invested so much on marketing their VR products just like Google does.

The prices of Google VR Daydream and Home have not been released up until this moment. With the fast approaching holiday season, it is expected for the device to hit the shelves before on or before December this year.

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